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This site contains information about a number of families whose origins we are researching in the British Isles. Some we know more about than others, but we hope that by publishing our family trees here we can make contact and exchange data with people who can help to complete the picture. Most of the families whose details appear on these pages are those for which we think we have established a clear line of descent, however short. Our on-line family trees are organised into two sets of pages: the main surname pages which give a summary of each family, and detailed pages which provide more data about individuals.

The surnames we are researching are listed below, first in alphabetical order and then by county of origin. Each surname is linked to a page which lists all the relatives we have identified, together with the date and place of their birth, marriage and death. Most of these surname pages are linked to the corresponding detailed records for members of that family. There you can see the family relationships as we understand them, together with notes on what we have found in parish registers, census returns and other records. We use the most common spelling of each surname throughout (other spellings which we have found are noted on the appropriate page).

*A few of the surnames listed here have only a brief summary page. These relate to families where our research is in its early stages or where we have been able to find out very little, for example where early records have not survived. These names (or the places where our information is sketchy) are marked with an asterisk in the lists below. The link below takes you to a page which summarises what we know about this family and what we want to find out. Each of these summary pages covers a number of families in Devon, Norfolk and Ireland.

A separate page contains a list, in alphabetical order, of the people covered by this web site. Listed here are the main people of interest from the families we are researching. This page provides direct links to the detailed pages for the named individuals. We also provide a full explanation of the structure and contents of our on-line family trees, what information they hold and how this information is presented.

Except where otherwise indicated, the contents and design of these pages are copyright © Chris Warren 1999 to 2024. You are welcome to take a copy for personal use only in researching your own family history. Our contact details are provided if you can help with our research or if you would like us to add details of any related family members who are not currently covered.

Family Surnames Listed Alphabetically

The family surnames whose details appear on these pages are listed here in alphabetical order. Click on the surname below to see a summary of the information we hold for that family.

  Allison London (Bloomsbury, Rotherhithe); Durham; Yorkshire
  Anderson Kent (Canterbury, Dover); London (see below)
  Ashall Yorkshire (Sheffield, Rotherham)
  Bent Staffordshire (Kingswinford, Dudley area)
  Bright Yorkshire (Sheffield, Rotherham)
  Brown Cornwall (St Erme, St Allen, Chacewater, Truro, Creed)
  Clarke Devon (Farway, Cotleigh, Awliscombe, Kings Nympton)
  Coombs Wiltshire (Salisbury, Ludgershall)
*Corking London (Battersea)
*Coxford Norfolk (Booton, Reepham, Aylsham)
  Creber Devon (Walkhampton, Buckland Monachorum, Sheepstor)
  Cutmore Essex (Ridgewell, Belchamp St Paul); London (see below)
  Dawe Devon (Ashburton, Plymouth, Devonport); Liverpool
*Eastlake Devon (Buckland Monachorum, Tavistock)
  Eaton Lancashire (Liverpool)
*Francey County Antrim (Ballymena area)
  Gloyn Devon (Plymouth, Pyworthy, Cookbury, Holsworthy area)
*Govier Devon (Warkleigh, Chittlehampton, George Nympton)
*Harris Devon (Honiton); Somerset (Whitestaunton)
  Harmer Sussex (Heathfield); London (Southwark area)
  Hart London (Spitalfields, Whitechapel, Southwark area)
  Hulland Devon (Kings Nympton area); Central London
  Iddenden Kent (Wye, Canterbury, Waltham, Ashford, Herne Bay)
  Jeffreys London (Barnes, Fulham); *Wiltshire (Chippenham area)
*Jordan Devon (Pyworthy, Halwill, Clawton, Holsworthy)
*Kelly County Antrim (Belfast, Ballymena)
  Kibbey Devon (Tiverton); Dorset (Dorchester); Northants (Peterborough)
  Larkman Norfolk (Guestwick, Great Cressingham, Reepham, Salle)
  Liddon *Dorset (Weymouth); London (Chelsea, Rotherhithe)
*Mann County Antrim (Belfast, Broughshane)
  Markey Wiltshire (Stourton, Mere, Kilmington); Devon (High Bray)
  Mitchell Cornwall (Perranzabuloe, Truro, Cubert)
*Morley London (Soho, Holborn, St Pancras)
  Overton Norfolk (Hackford, Reepham, Norwich); Yorkshire (Hull)
  Pedder Lancashire (Liverpool)
  Poland Lancashire (Liverpool); *Glasgow
*Quinn County Tipperary (Templemore area)
  Rutley Wiltshire (Stourton, Mere, Kilmington); Dorset (Marnhull)
  Seccombe Devon (Buckland Monachorum)
*Selley Devon (Molland, Kings Nympton)
  Sherrell Devon (Plymouth area)
*Skinner Devon (Buckland Monachorum)
  Southwell Northants (Peterborough area); Hampshire (Gosport)
  Stocker Devon (Honiton)
  Teire Lancashire (Liverpool); *Isle of Man
  Triggs Devon (Modbury, Ashburton, Dartmouth)
  Venn Devon (Kings Nympton area, Payhembury, Combeinteignhead,
  Cruwys Morchard, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Chittlehampton, etc)
  Warren Somerset (Whitestaunton, Whitelackington, Winsham); Dorset;
Devon (Buckerell, Awliscombe, Plymouth); London (see below)
*West Norfolk (Morston, Sharrington, Hempstead, Whitwell)
  Willcock Devon (Buckland Monachorum, Plympton and Plymouth area);
Lancashire (Manchester area)
  Winterbottom     Lancashire (Liverpool)
*Wood Devon (Offwell)
  Yaxley Norfolk (Hackford, Reepham, Norwich); South London

Family Surnames Listed by County

The family surnames whose details appear on these pages are listed here under their county of origin in England (based on the county boundaries which were in effect at the time). There are also a few families from Scotland and Ireland at the end of the list. Click on the surname below to see a summary of the information we hold for that family.

County  SurnameLocation(s)
Cornwall  Brown St Erme, St Allen, Chacewater, Truro, Creed
  Mitchell Perranzabuloe, Truro, Cubert
Devon  Clarke Farway, Cotleigh, Awliscombe, Honiton,
Tiverton, Paignton, Brixham, Branscombe
*Clarke Kings Nympton
  Creber Walkhampton, Buckland Monachorum, Sheepstor
  Dawe Ashburton, Plymouth, Devonport
*Eastlake Buckland Monachorum, Tavistock
  Gloyn Plymouth, Pyworthy, Cookbury, Holsworthy area
*Govier Warkleigh, Chittlehampton, George Nympton
*Harris Honiton
  Hulland Kings Nympton area
*Jordan Pyworthy, Halwill, Clawton, Holsworthy
  Kibbey Tiverton, Awliscombe
  Markey High Bray (Brayford)
  Seccombe Buckland Monachorum
*Selley Molland, Kings Nympton
  Sherrell Plymouth area
*Skinner Buckland Monachorum
  Stocker Honiton
  Triggs Modbury, Ashburton, Dartmouth
  Venn Kings Nympton, Chulmleigh, Combeinteignhead,
Crediton, Cruwys Morchard, Cheriton Fitzpaine
Chittlehampton, Templeton, Payhembury, Willand
  Warren Buckerell, Awliscombe, Plymouth area
  Willcock Buckland Monachorum, Sheepstor, Meavy, Brixton
Whitchurch, Bickleigh, Plympton, Plymouth area
*Wood Offwell
Dorset  Kibbey Dorchester
*Liddon Weymouth
  Rutley Marnhull
  Warren Lyme Regis and other locations in west Dorset
Durham*Allison Shincliffe, Houghton-le-Spring, Bishopwearmouth
Essex  Cutmore Ridgewell, Belchamp St Paul
Hampshire  Southwell Gosport
Kent  Anderson Canterbury, Dover
  Iddenden Wye, Canterbury, Waltham, Ashford, Herne Bay
Lancashire  Dawe Liverpool
  Eaton Liverpool
  Pedder Liverpool
  Poland Liverpool
  Teire Liverpool
  Willcock Manchester area
  Winterbottom Liverpool
London  Allison Bloomsbury, Rotherhithe
  Anderson Chelsea, Kensington, Rotherhithe
Other areas in central, east and south-east London
*Corking Battersea
  Cutmore Marylebone, St Pancras, Islington, Chelsea, etc
  Harmer Southwark, Bermondsey
  Hart Spitalfields, Whitechapel, Southwark area
  Hulland Central London
  Jeffreys Barnes, Fulham
  Liddon Chelsea, Rotherhithe
*Morley Soho, Holborn, St Pancras
  Warren Wandsworth, Woolwich
  Yaxley Bermondsey, Stockwell, Mitcham
Norfolk*Coxford Booton, Reepham, Aylsham
  Larkman Guestwick, Great Cressingham, Reepham, Salle
  Overton Hackford, Reepham, Norwich
*West Morston, Sharrington, Hempstead, Whitwell
  Yaxley Hackford, Reepham, Norwich
Northants  Kibbey Peterborough (now in Cambridgeshire)
  Southwell Peterborough area, Fotheringhay, Glapthorn
Somerset*Harris Whitestaunton
  Warren Whitestaunton, Whitelackington, Winsham
Staffordshire  Bent Kingswinford, Dudley (then in Worcestershire)
Sussex  Harmer Heathfield
Wiltshire  Coombs Salisbury, Ludgershall
*Jeffreys Chippenham area
  Markey Stourton, Mere, Kilmington (then in Somerset)
  Rutley Stourton, Mere, Kilmington (then in Somerset)
Yorkshire  Allison Middlesbrough area
  Ashall Sheffield, Rotherham
  Bright Sheffield, Rotherham
  Overton Hull
Scotland*Poland Glasgow
Ireland*Francey Ballymena area (Co Antrim)
*Kelly Belfast, Ballymena (Co Antrim)
*Mann Belfast, Broughshane (Co Antrim)
*Quinn Templemore area (Co Tipperary)
Isle of Man*Teare Ramsey, Jurby, Andreas, Lezayre

This family history data page is copyright © Chris Warren and others 1999 to 2024
(you may keep a copy for personal use only in researching your own family history)

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