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The Iddenden Family in Wye, Kent

This page contains some notes on a family whose origins we are researching. Some families we know more about than others, but we hope that by publishing this summary here we can make contact and exchange data with people who can help to complete the picture.

The Iddenden family we are researching came from Wye, near Ashford in Kent. We are interested in the following generations of people who bore this surname:

Edward and Mary Iddenden (no details known)
Mary Iddenden (born 1753)
William Iddenden (1775 - 1856) and Ann Jones (c1778 - 1856)
Jemima Iddenden (1814 - 1888) and William Anderson (1815 - 1896)

Our known Iddenden ancestors lived in Wye from 1750 to 1850. William Iddenden was the illegitimate son of Mary Iddenden, who later married Thomas Reader, but we know very little for certain about the earlier generations. We have traced Jemima Iddenden and several of her siblings in Canterbury and in the Ashford area of Kent. We have also researched the Anderson family in Canterbury.

We know that an Edward Idenden married Mary Cork in Canterbury in 1751, and that children of Edward and Mary Idenden were born in Luddenham and Oare, but we are not sure that they are the same Edward and Mary found in Wye. So if you can tell us anything about these people, please get in touch.

Some of the names above are linked to the corresponding record in the on-line family tree. When you click on a link, the linked record will be displayed in a separate window. There you can see the family relationships as we understand them, together with notes on what we have found in parish registers, census returns and other records.

Please contact Chris and Linda Warren if you have a connection with this family

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